I'm Vivek Kalyan, currently a machine learning engineer at Handshakes. Previously, I graduated from Singapore University of Technology and Design where I specialized in Machine Learning.

I love making things and exploring new technology. For example, the image is a 3D model of me scanned by attaching a Kinect to a KUKA industrial robot and writing a script to move the robot arm in an arc around my body.

Why? I honestly still dont know.

I have worked on a wide array of projects, building a full backend content management system for a startup in France, an iOS and Android application for SUTD admissions office, a mobile-friendly website application for a gamification platform, a black/white to colour image transformer, a futuristic space-themed Augmented Reality experience at a street in Chinatown, a Visual Question Answering System and many many more.

When I am not in front of my laptop, I can be found on the field playing football.